Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You can't go home again... but guns can!

Looks like 45er's new pocket gun is going back to the Mothership in Florida.

He mentioned that this is his first gun to go in for repairs.

Wow.... really? That kind of surprised me that someone with that large of a collection has only had one issue. Because I have had- um... let me count
Taurus PT-22: Broken Hinge pin
Taurus 617: Frozen Cyl
Taurus PT-92: Sent in twice for jamming
Taurus 445: Sent in twice for Frozen Cyl
Kimber Pro Carry II: Schwartz safety not disengaging
CZ-2075 RAMI: Sent in 4 times for jamming and eventually replaced
CZ P-07 DUTY: Sent in for sticking Mags, and is now at the factory for the hammer stopping at half cock
Charter Bulldog: Cyl star installed incorrectly
S&W 325PD: Cyl latch just fell off (that one did not have to be sent in, so we will count as a half)
Kahr MK9: Captive recoil spring assembly un-captivated itself (Did not need a return, Kahr sent me a new assembly next day air. Count this as a half)
Survival Arms AR-7: needed new barrel for out of spec chamber. Not returned but done by gunsmith since Survival Arms was out of business.
Plainfeild Machine .30 Carbine: Broken extractor. Sold for parts.
Marlin Papoose: Constant jamming. Burred chamber and weak extractor. Traded for a Spyderco knife
Marlin 1895C: the Dreaded Marlin Jam. It was 6 months out of warranty. Got the part from Midway and fixed it my own damn self.

I have had NINETEEN breaks/ returns/ repairs. Man, when I sit down and count them, that makes me depressed.

So, what about you? Have you had to send anything back, get a manufacturing defect taken care of? Post a comment. Let me know if I'm above or below average.


  1. Yeah, even with a Taurus in the collection, this is the first. Wow. When you put it in a list like that, it makes me sad.

  2. WOW! I've had to ship my S&W617 back to Springfield because it had gone horribly out of time. I don't count this against smith as I'd put at LEAST 10,000 rounds through the gun, and dry fired it about as much...and this is a gun I bought used. I think that's fair enough for free repairs.

  3. I'm not even counting the used Ruger SBH that I bought marked .44Mag, and someone had installed a .45 barrel and .45Colt cylinder on. Lucky the thing did not blow up in my hand.

    Ruger fixed that one, but charged for it... and the shop I bought it from paid for the repairs.

  4. I had bad extractors on a couple of Springfield 1911s, but they took care of them posthaste. Free. My FFL paid for the shipping.

  5. 1878 Cavalry Colt for a broken mainspring, C&S 1911 Agent for a broken extractor, and that is it... BUT I do have a Python and Diamondback at C&S for a tune up, and I send my other guns to my smith about every two years for a detail cleaning.

  6. My Taurus Polymer Public Defender developed a crack in the frame by the forcing cone at 75 rounds. It took Taurus 9 weeks, at least 15 phone calls and 5 faxes to get it replaced. I bought a used Hi-Point carbine that was missing the sights and sling swivels, one call to them and they sent me all the parts for free in about 2 days. Lost the retainer for a Ruger P95 recoil spring and damaged the hammer spring messing with it, Ruger sent the parts out free with one phone call.