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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rednecking up a Reloading press

One of the reasons I've been bugging 45er to get back into rolling his own ammo is because I have been spending the last few weekends getting my workbench/ reloading bench up to snuff.  

I'm 90% of the way setting up the progressive press, but decided I should have a single stage press for doing low volume loading and rifle loads.  So, instead of buying a new press, I just rednecked up a mount for my old standby Lee Hand Press:

I'll test this out tomorrow and see how it works like this.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thought for the day- SCOTUS Case

Why in the HELL is the LBGT community fighting for more Government regulations in their lives?

Marriage is a Religious ceremony.

Why is Government regulating and blessing religious ceremonies in the first place? Why do we pay a tax and ask for permission to get married?  Don't the liberals believe we have a 'separation of church and state?' (I know we don't- that's not in our Constitution*.) 

Why is the LBGT community fighting for more Govt regulation of the relationship? Want survivorship rights- Write a will. Want Benefits? That's between you and your employer. Want to make medical decisions for your partner? Medical Power of Attorney. Want higher taxes and meddling busybodies in your life? Go to Government.

Government involvement has never made anything better in a situation like this.  The correct solution would be taking it to the Supreme Court saying that Govt blessing, taxing and regulating a church ceremony is unconstitutional.  Remove the regulations and tax burden associated with marriage.  Leave it to the private citizens to take control of their lives, get the Government out of the Church, and let the free market decide if companies offering benefits to "whatever" is a viable solution.

Default to freedom.  Less Government is always the answer.

*here is what we have:  "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"  Marriage is the free exercise of religion.  Congress shall make no law.  So... piss off.  There is no reason for Government to be involved in this in any way.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Same story, just a different time

This weekend, I was driving That Kid to his first T-Ball practice.  I was driving a Prius (shut up, I'm not a hippie) when some Def Leppard came on the satellite radio.  That Kid was enjoying the music, and generally rocking out.
Yes, I leave the testicles at home when I drive this.

I had a flashback to when I was young.  Riding in the back of a mid-'70s Dodge van, going to Little League practice, with my mom playing the Doobie Brothers, or Jimmy Buffet on a state of the art 8-Track player.
Google image search for this brought some flashbacks.

The set pieces might change, but the story bears repeating.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I don't care if it's S&W making it...

It's still a dumb idea.

a .410 revolver is dumb.  It was tried before with the MIL Thunder Five, and it was a market failure.  So, Taurus copies it a few years ago with the idiotic Judge.  They put some serious (and misleading) marketing behind it and prove PT Barnum right.

S&W sees a lot of dollars going to a dubious concept, so they pull a 'Me Too'.  They tweak it to run with .45ACP as well as .410 and .45Colt.  But what they end up with is still just a copy of a copy of a market failure.

And the naming of these things... The Judge and The Governor?  Seriously?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This is getting ridiculous

Went to a couple of gunshops over lunch with MI2Tall, just to get out and shift the mind into neutral for a few minutes. 

The shelves are still bare.  The things that are left are priced like they don't want them to sell.  I understand that this is the market, and it is caused by demand.  But...

It has been FIVE MONTHS of this, people!  Are you stocked up yet?  Demand spiked after the election (bet you wish you had voted now!), then there was that tragedy in CT and the ensuing legislative shitstorm and threats of shitstorm that SKYROCKETED the demand to unprecedented levels.  Five months.  What the hell?  

People are stocking up on Remington Thunderbolt bulkpacks of .22LR.  Good plan.  Because you want to deal with constant jams and filthy guns when the Zombies/ UN/ Army of Evil comes. 
Lowest Common Denominator!
I understand stocking up.  Over the last few weeks I organized my inventory...
...but if you don't have your supply by now, just let up.   It's getting ridiculous

Friday, March 15, 2013

Random pics for Friday

How thoughtful

Necessity is the mother of... For God's sake, just use a knife.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

For Irish- "The Dream Ticket"

More like a Nightmare

I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Decent BBQ?

In Syracuse, NY?

Yep. Not world class, but good. Worth a shot if you are in the area

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I'm on the road again.

But at least I got to try a new beer. Not bad. A little "sharp" for what I usually like in an IPA, but worth a taste.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 6, 1836

Remember the Alamo

Maybe Biden was right!

Last week, that asshat Biden opened his mouth and said that an AR-15 was too hard to operate, and we should get a shotgun.

Now we are getting news reports that Biden might have something going on.  Confused?  Here, let me explain:

Oregon man accidentally killed by AR-15 he had just stolen
Thief Shot and Killed With AR-15 After Burglarizing Oregon Home

A man was killed when an AR-15 rifle he had just stolen from a Polk County farm discharged Sunday morning, police said....Investigators learned that the truck had been stolen from a home on Independence Highway earlier that morning, along with a rifle, a shotgun and several other items.

OK, So we have a douchebag that steals a truck, an AR-15, and a shotgun.  
"The evidence showed that while Hernandez Mendoza was driving away from the scene he was the victim of an accidental, self-inflicted gun shot wound from the rifle he had just taken," Williams said.
 Whoa.... Accidental, self inflicted GSW... from a RIFLE?  How the hell does that happen?

Williams added that the AR-15 rifle and the shotgun were both angled with their butts on the floorboard and their barrels pointed upward, toward the driver's seat. On the bumpy farm road, the bolt head of the shotgun apparently bumped against the rifle's trigger, firing one shot that hit the suspect and exited through the roof
See?!?  The AR was too hard to use.  Get a shotgun... because the SHOTGUN knows how to shoot the AR!