Thursday, January 30, 2014

Did I ever mention I have bad luck?

Yes I have:
Broken In Box
P-07 Pt. 2
Bulldog Pt. 2
How many guns have YOU broken?

So, I built a fun gun- the ARP.  It ran great for several hundred rounds, then just goes singleshot on me.  After a lot of trouble shooting, I tracked the issue down to the Bolt Carrier Group. So, I call Spike's Tactical, and John (great customer service BTW.  I have worked most of my life in CS related roles, and Hohn at Spikes gets two thumbs up from me) there walked me through some troubleshooting.  It appears that somehow I got the only Spikes Tactical BCG in the world that the gas key has ever come loose.  As I mentioned- bad luck.

So, John sends me an RMA label to ship the BCG home.  I checked the tracking this morning and guess what?

Weather?  AGAIN?!?

I know I have been quiet for.... a long damn time.  I owe y'all some updates.   I had a very Gunny and Foodie Christmas, and I have new optics, a Sous Vide setup, and some other stuff I want to review.  But time constraints are killing me.  I promise to get some stuff up soon.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Primary Arms scope

Using the new 1-4x24 illuminated dot scope in the hunting blind