Sunday, August 7, 2011

It was time. The conversion is DONE!

Back in January when the ATF started making noise about banning the Saiga, I bought one. Well, I put one on layaway, and picked it up in April on Buy a Gun Day.

I wanted to convert it, and I finally had the time and the parts. So, I busted out the tools.
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If they can build AKs with rocks in mud huts, then I should be good to go with Fisher Price

After a few hours of drilling, grinding and swapping out 922 compliance parts,
I was rewarded with this:
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If you want to know what goes into this surgery, watch the video series here. I bought all my supplies from Carolina Shooters Supply. Great prices, awesome service, and fast shipping. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Next up is a quad rail fore end and an optic of some sort. Oh, and at least one 20 round drum.

Why? Because it makes the hoplophobes cry.


  1. Awesome. That is really slick looking. You should send a picture to the Brady Campaign. It's important to share.

  2. It's on the internet, I assume EVERYONE can see it.

    BTW, if you have ever bitched about the insane engineering of Eugene Stoner, I can say one thing for him... He never made ANYTHING as maddening as the Shepherd's Crook spring in the AK design. Mikhail Kalashnikov must have been on some serious pain meds when he came up with that.

  3. The spring was cheap, and required no more resources than what was available at the arms plant.

    Simple solution is to just buy e-clips at a hardware store and use those to hold the pins in.

  4. Sweet! Looks great. I linked to your post from my blog and added you to my blog roll:

  5. Mike, Thanks! I've added you as well