Monday, November 26, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ARP at the Range

Took the new AR Pistol to the range at lunch.

My freaking camera died while I was there.  No real pics or video of it running.  All I can say is that it shot well, did not fail in any way, and was pretty fun for blasting.

The range was crowded, with a wait list to get in (I hate shooting indoors), so I barely had 20 min to get the red dot on paper, then fine tune it at 50 yards.  Did not get the MBUIS dialed in, but I figure I can do that at home nos that the FastFire is dialed in.

Need to lose the A2 grip and plug the gap at the back of the trigger guard.  I think this is going to be a REAL fun plinker.  I was really expecting more muzzle flash, but I guess the KX3 Pig really works as advertised. 

Random Crap

-In the past 2 weeks, two people that I went to highshcool with died unexpectedly.  Aint nothing like lots of death around you to make you feel mortal.

-Tied into that, I think I am going to start doing Ideal Protein plan.  My sister has lost a crapload of weight on that, and is healthier than ever.  Another guy I went to school with lost 14 pounds on his first week on that plan.  Need to make sure I'm not the next statistic from my very small school.

-I'm going to the range today to test out ARP!  Expect an abbreviated range report this afternoon.

-After reading the news story that a gunshop employee shot a customer in the back, 45er, Leviathan and I have decided there needs to be a '4 Rules' for Gunshop employees:
  1. No shooting of paying customers.  It hurts our repeat sales numbers.
  2. Unless you are 100% sure, stop talking.  There is a high likelyhood that your customer has done a LOT of research on this and knows more than you.
  3. Don't be condescending to women.  That includes assuming they want a pink gun.
  4. The sound of a pump shotgun is not a deterrent.  Stop saying it is.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Goofy Gun disease is striking again

Nope, have not even gotten my latest build to the range, and the next aquisition is starting to form.

Ans yes: it's an oddball, goofy gun.

A bolt gun in .223, that takes AR-15 Magazines, and is made by a shotgun company.  Seems oddball enough!
The Mossberg MVP Predator:


I could come up with a B.S. 'reason' for the gun.  Something like 'coyote hunting', 'having a starter centerfire rifle for the kid', 'cheap centerfire plinker,' etc... but I'll just come out and admit it.  It's a goofy gun, and I want it.

Now I just have to come up with the cash.

Monday, November 19, 2012

After months of research....

...I have come to the conclusion that no one has ever successfully ridden a bicycle off of a ramp and into a body of water. 

The research has consisted of watching fail videos on youtube while on conference calls.  If you have ever seen video proof of anyone making a bicycle jump off of a ramp into water, please post the link in the comments.

By the way, it also seems that no one has ever made a bicycle ride down a set of stairs-  but the research on that continues.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gun Porn- ARP!

As a follow up to my Garage Built AK Pistol, I have been slowly accumulating the parts for an AR Pistol build.

So, I'm done.  It was pretty easy.  MUCH easier than an AK.  When you build an AK, you use a hammer, and you want a BIGGER hammer.  When you build an AR, you use money- and you want MORE money.

So, here are the specs:
Del Ton Lower
Palmetto State Armory Pistol Lower Parts Kit
A YHM upper built by 'Vanderjack' on Gunbroker
Noveske KX3 "Fire Breathing Pig" flash suppressor
Magpull  MBUIS
Burris Fastfire II

...and, since I know you wanted to see pics, here they are.  Introducing ARP (AR Pistol):


BTW, my 4 year old son helped me build this.  Even with all the pins and springs on the lower.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Do you know how hard it is to find a BCG these days?

Made of unobtainium, it seems.
The last part of the AR Pistol Build build has finally been found.  A Bolt Carrier Group.  The upper should be here tomorrow, and all it needed was a BCG and charging handle to bring it to shooty condition.

But they are sold out.  Everywhere.  With LONG lead times.  On a lark, I went to our local show of guns and found two at the very last table I visited.  I was actually heading to the door when I saw this table, and thought "I should check"... after being laughed at at every table I checked at, they had two in stock. 

Bought this one, a Spike's Tactical, and now I just need to wait on Mr. Postman to bring me the upper.  Then I will have a fully functional (I hope) Fun Gun.

The specs as it stands now is a Del-Ton lower, Palmetto State Armory pistol Lower Parts Kit, an Orion/ Vanderjack 7.5" upper, Spike's Tactical BCG, a no-name charging handle, the Burris Fastfire off of my NEF .45 Colt, a set of MagPull BUIS, and.... I think that's it.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Thank you, Veterans

 Thank you all for your service.  Without you, we would not be free.

I'm violating my own rule for not posting pictures of That Kid. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Getting ready for another hunt

Last weekend was the 'shakedown cruise' of not just the fully electrified blind, but also my DPMS AR-10 copy as a hunting rifle.

The solar power in the blind- this rocks.  Flip of a switch, and I have light to get everything in place.  Flip it again, all is dark.  Also, keeping the phone charged is a totally cool benefit. 

Missed a shot at a deer we call 'Halo' last week because some brush had grown over the shooting lane.  Used the Gerber camp hatchet (Which I used to think was worthless, and is now becoming a great tool) to make sure that won't be a problem again.

BTW, here are two pics of 'Halo' from last year.  He is bigger in the body this year, and the spread on the horns seems even wider.  We call him 'Halo' because the horns almost touch in the front and make a halo over his head.

As to the new hunting rifle- The AR platform is not really the best rifle for a hunting blind.  Normally, the rifle is resting on the sandbags and pointing in a general 'downrange' area.  Well, with the AR platform- the magazine is in the way.  It won't sit like that.  So, I either need to keep the gun in my lap and bring it to bear if a deer comes in, or lay it on it's side on the sandbags and rearrange the rifle when a shot is needed.  Both options are slow and the movement could spook the deer.  So, I MAY switch back to a bolt gun or single shot for hunting from a blind... after I take at least one with the AR-10.  Or I'll come up with some way to have the rifle 'ready'.  Like a rear monopod or something.
Also, the standard hunting type sling sucks on this gun.  I'm switching it to a more tactical style ASAP.  It's also heavier than I would want for a stalking gun, and the collapsible stock has a rattle that would need to go.
For pigs and still hunting OUT of the blind- This is still the gun I want with me. 

Anyway- Looking forward to a hunt this weekend.  This time I'll make sure to leave the cooler at home to ensure I get a deer.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well.... shit

Looks like we (as a whole) ended up electing a pro-gun control, pro-socialized medicine dweeb from a liberal state.  No, the other one.  The one from Illinois.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Here, Bucky... Got some corn for you.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Random Crap

Tomorrow morning is opening day of Central TX whitetail deer season.  After the absolute SHIT of a last week and a half we have had, I am so looking forward to sitting out in the middle of the woods, listening to my tinnitus, napping and maybe shooting a deer. 

Full Military Honors at a funeral is a VERY moving sight to see.  Plus, seeing these men that were born well after I was already in college, with chests full of medals and ribbons denoting service in Iraq and Afghanistan is very humbling.

Oh, and it turns out that my Father-in-Law was a total badass.  The kind of guy that Jack Bauer wants to be when he grows up.

Apple released some new gadget, and the faithful and Pius have lined up for communion

Some new gun company has made a completely impractical and ungainly .22LR, and is trying douchebag 'guerrilla marketing' like spamming message boards and such.  Plus, they are calling a .22 'combat' and 'tactical'.  Not going to link them direct, but you can see it on The Firearm Blog

I'll be hunting with my DPMS "Oracle" AR-10 copy.  The more I play with that gun, the more I like it.  While on the guy trip a few weeks ago, I used it to lay some absolute MURDER on some turtles.  It was fun as heck to use a complete overkill rifle for that:
My wife made a cool forearm 'sock' that gives it a little more of a 'hunter' look:
I hope to get a more complete writeup of our 3 days of Guns, Food and excellent Beer in the next few days.  But here is a sneak peek of the THIRTY-THREE beers we had for the tasting: