Friday, May 28, 2010

Texas Gulf Coast

Beautiful weather and no oil.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Little Italy!

This is my third visit to 'Il Cortile' in Little Italy. Every time is
outstanding. I had the gnocchi stuffed with chicken, spinach and
Parmesan cheese. The sauce was unbelievably good.

The Wife had a lobster raviolli that had a cream sauce that was out of
this world.

The Wife's pizza

Carmelized onion, roasted garlic, double smoked bacon. It was

That Bobby Flay knows how to do a burger

Perfect medium with gruere cheese and a smoked red pepper mayo. Tasty.

Wife had a grilled pizza that was outstanding.

Lunch in NYC

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Of all the freaking luck

You know those stories of a plane load of peope stuck 10 feet from a
gate? I am freaking living it now. 40 min so far

Friday, May 14, 2010

I have FADD

Firearms Attention Deficit Disorder.

A few days ago, I was really wanting to get a cheapo 9mm 1911. Then I got distracted by the Saiga 12 Gauge and converting it to a more badass configuration. All of these fit into my 'oddball gun' collection.

Of course, there is my overwhelming need to accumulate more CZs... Plus, I still NEED a small concealable revolver. If only Ruger would make the LCR in 9mm, loading with moonclips.

Friday, May 7, 2010

10mm range report

Took the freshly loaded 10mm to the range for function testing. I am very pleased with my first load- 100% reliability, and they hit where the gun aimed. Here were the first 6 shots:


That's offhand at 10 yards. Not bad. Recoil was pretty mild as well. I was goofing a bit and did this with the iPhone:


Also ran about another 100 rounds of mixed bag FMJ through the CZ-75 P-07 Duty. Still running flawless.

Here is an off-hand 10 yard full 17 rounds of a full load:


MI2Tall took his Marlin .44Mag and I got some vid of him running puffball .44Specials through it:

Now- back to work!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guns in the News

Fred Murphy lauded by neighbors for shooting would-be burglar

My thoughts-
As you lay there and bleed, look back on your life and reflect on what went wrong to get you to the point that strangers are applauding the fact you got shot being a dumbass.

H/T to The Armed Citizen

Random Wheelgun thoughts

It's no secret to those that know me, but I like oddball guns. Pistol caliber carbines, bolt action 7.62x39, moonclip revolvers.... I like them all. I am also a big revolver fan.

So, two things out there right now are calling a siren song to me. The pull is great, and the only reason I have not put them on order at my favorite gunstore (TexGuns) is that both of them seem to be vapor-ware:
First is the Chiappa Rhino. This thing has that whole "Yoda-Cute" thing going on: So ugly it's cute.
Then there is the Charter Arms Rimless Revolver. A revolver firing 9mm (or .380), or .40, or .45ACP without moonclips. It's like that old S&W 547 (yeah, I want one of those as well. Unfortunately, I have only seen ONE for sale- ever), this one was announced a year and a half ago, and rumors have it that it might be finally announced to ship at the NRA annual meeting next weekend.

There is one other 'dark horse' out there that fits into this 'oddball, revolver'thing is one that I am ashamed to admit is calling a siren song to me. The Rossi Circuit Judge. This is basically taking that ridiculous Taurus Judge revolver and stretching it out to make it a revolving carbine. Why does this speak to me? Because I have wanted a revolving carbine for YEARS. As a matter of fact, I bought a Ruger Super Redhawk for the express purpose of having a 16 inch barrel screwed in, a buttstock from a TC Encore fitted, and the cyl trimmed to take moonclips. That way I could fire .45ACP, .45Colt, and .454Casull all from the same cool little carbine. Just have not found a gunsmith that will do the project yet
But this Rossi would be cheaper and easier. But it would have that famous Taurus quality control that (in my personal experience) means that I would have to ship it back to the factory once, maybe twice, before it works.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How long until the moonbats say "5/1 was an inside job?"

So, what could have been a pretty powerful car bomb was left in the heart of NYC. Our top dog law enforcement officer in the US says he is not sure it's terrorism. Then we have that dipshiat Bloomberg try and tie it to those of us that think that socialized medicine is a bad, stupid, and ruinous idea.

Now we find out that an arrest has been made, and it's a naturalized citizen from Pakistan. Worse, he spent 5 months in what could only be terrorist training in Pakistan, and none of our intel agencies knew about it.

Our incompetence in border security, Intel, and enforcement is only outweighed by the abject stupidity of someone who spent 5 months training and still could not make 10 gallons of gas, 40 pounds of propane, fireworks and fertilizer explode.

Monday, May 3, 2010

May is Zombie Awareness Month

Zombie Research Society

In observance of Zombie Awareness Month, here is my main Zombie Gun- The AK at the top of the page with a quick release mounted Burris Fast-Fire II red dot:

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Loading 10mm

Had a few moments, loaded up some 10mm. CCI large pistol primers, 6
grains of Bullseye powder, and 180 grain Berry's Mfg copper plated
hollow point. This is a test batch to see if the load will run the EAA