Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CZ P-07 Duty is home!

Yesterday, while I was hard at work, the Fed Ex man brought back my wayward 9mm CZ.

When I first got the gun, I went back to CZ-USA and they replaced the gun for an out of spec frame that caused the mags to stick in the grip.
It developed a problem.
It went back to the mothership

I got home last night, and started dry firing. YAY! The hammer fell all the way to the pin 100% of the time. Awesome. Now I need to get a few hudred rounds of 9mm and go burn ammo and make totally sure it works.

I started doing drills and slapped the magazine that went back to CZ with the gun into the mag well. I hit the release to drop that mag out, and it stuck in the mag well.

I just about came unglued. I was going to call CZ and rip them a new one. I could not believe my freaking luck... but I stopped, took a deep breath and looked deeper into the issue.

CZ gave the gun a deep clean while it was back in Kansas City, and left a lot of oil inside the magazine well. I wiped that out, and the mags dropped free 100%. Man, I almost gave myself a heart attack freaking out over that.

The gun is back home in my safe. It seems to be working. CZ-USA is making it right. This has been a pretty damn good August for me.


  1. That is such great news. I just wish I could have been there with a camera when you hit that mag release. This gives me hope that my KT issue will be resolved. Sounds like we both have ammo to burn in "testing".

  2. Time for a trip to the pit? Saiga and repaired handguns?