Monday, October 31, 2011

Music for Halloween

Ignore the cut scenes from "Back to School" and enjoy the oddness that is Oingo Boingo

Today's Halloween Protip

Chuck a Roto-Zip Multi-purpose cutting bit into your cordless drill.  Use that to carve your pumpkin.

Layout of a Jack-o-lantern is also aided by drawing the design with a dry erase marker. 

Save these tips for next year.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stay Shooty, My Friends.

Kevin over at Misfires and Light Strikes posted something funny this morning.  As an unabashed CZ fan, I think you should go check it out:

The Most Interesting Gun in The World

I laughed.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Vote for Me!

Larry Correia has the voting open for the Monster Hunter patch contest.  Here are the 3 collaborations I did with 45er over at Barrel Smoke:

An MHI Team based in the Texas Hill Country.  Populated with former technology and dot-com employees:
Keeping the 'feel' of the original MHI patch

A competing company that specializes in Zombies... and supplements the PUFF income and training by killing feral hogs:
Can I get a 'yee-haw!'
And my 3rd, and favorite, submission:
The Texas Unnatural Guard.  Part of the Texas Military Forces.  They draw from the Texas National Guard, Texas Air National Guard, and Texas Naval Forces (you did know that Texas has it's own Army, Air Force, and Navy, right?) to protect Texas from monsters and the undead.  The only Govt agency that allows agents to keep a small percentage of the PUFF Bounty:

Please- Vote Early, Vote Often!

I'm back... ish

Been away for a week of shooting, woodsbumming, cooking and drinking. I'm tired, sore, and not ready to be back in the real world. I'll post pics later.

Looks like I gained a couple of followers. Welcome everyone! Great to have you, and I promise to have more content later this week. Now, the real world calls me to do 'work'

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Car Meme

Another meme is running about the gunblogosphere:
So here's the meme. Long answers or short.
1. What was your first car? Model, year, color, condition?
2. What adventures did you have in it, good or bad?
3. What happened to it, what's the end of the story?

My first car was a doozie.  A 1976 Ford LTD with a 400 Cubic Inch V8.  It was bananna yellow with a poop brown vinyl top.  It looked a whole heck of a lot like this:
Does this have "Chick Magnet" written all over it?  No.  No it doesn't.

 I bought it for a dollar.  Seriously.  It was in pretty good shape, but the previous owner had Alzheimer's, and kept showing up with more mystery dents in the car.  So her family sold it to a 16 year old  who needed a cheap car for a buck.

It was affectionately named  "The Banana Boat".  It was hard to love a car like that, but I had a LOT of respect for it's size, power, and carrying capacity.  It did just about everything:

  • I had 12 people in it at one time.  
  • I got it over 120MPH several times.
  • I put about 17 alternators into it, and carried a spare in the trunk with tools and could swap an alternator on the side of the road in 15 minutes.    
  • It ate electrical components like candy. 
  • It did a pretty good job off road, and would climb hills like no one's business.  
  • The trunk would fit a keg in it, standing up (no tap), with ice around it.  
  • All this while getting a grand total of EIGHT miles per gallon. 

This car did a lot of service to my family.  After I got my next car (1983 Toyota Tercel), my older brother started driving this car.  I saw him lose control in it, slide off the road, run through 2 fences, a two stone mailboxes, and a low rock wall.  The car kept on driving with only minor cosmetic damage.  Shortly afterwards, a piece of foil was dropped into the oil, and the engine started losing compression.  It was sold to someone else who used it for parts, and the last I saw it, it was under a tree on the side of the road in Johnson City, Texas.

Rest well, Banana Boat.  You deserve it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Range Report- So THAT'S what a high end gun gets you.

Back in the country for just a shade over 24 hours, and I get myself to a shooting range.  THAT is a 'Projectile Enthusiast' for you!

I took my new STI to the range for lunch and blew a hundred rounds through it.  Just starting the initial break in.

Every bench on the range has bullet strikes on it.  Scary.

So I load up the only mag I have, run the target out to 7ish yards and start banging away.
Not bad.  Hitting a little low.

I try a mag of headshots
You can see what having a defined aiming point does for you.
I let the range guy run a few rounds through it (he aims at the logo to the side), then I run the rest of the box center of mass.
That is a full fifty rounds, off hand using a two hand hold- in the middle is a 37 round one hole group.  I am an OK pistol shot, but this was just unreal.  Recoil is negligible, it points like a laser, operates like silk on glass, and is scary accurate.

I like it.

Edit- Let me expand here.

It is 2011.  I needed to be a good little gun nut, and buy a 1911.  It's not like we need a reason to get a new gun- but that was an actual reason!  After an exhaustive search of options, I decided to go with STI.  For several reasons including reputation, service, quality, and that little Texas on the side of the slide tipped it over the edge.  I went with 9mm to keep ammo costs down, and... well, I did not have a 9mm 1911.  I have a MilSpec 1911, and a custom carry 1911, now I have a 9mm.

The build quality on this is simply superb.  The slide runs on it's rails like nothing I have ever felt.  Sights are crisp and clean, and the controls all work the way you want them to- except one thing.  There is not a crisp 'click!' that I am used to when engaging the safety.  It locks in place, but I'm just used to a click.

STI, and the Ranger II, get a big thumbs up from me.  Granted, I only have 100 rounds through it so far.  However, I am giving this a big thumbs up.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Wha... wait, what? Content?

Just got back into the US last night.  Been gone on a vacation.  Had a blast, got a sunburn. 

I'd post more, but now I am so busy catching up that I don't have time.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with this:

Plus, I'm pretty sure one of them stopped taking his meds.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

out of pocket for a few days

I'll have a cool post to tell more later.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fresh Bacon

45er just sent me a pic from under his feeder on our hunting lease.

I'll name that one Bacon, that one Sausage, that one Applewood Smoked...
I gotta get the Saiga sighted in for slugs.