Friday, August 12, 2011

Charter has 'released' the CARR- now called the Pit Bull

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Charter 'announced the CARR 'Charter Arms Rimless Revolver' almost 3 years ago, and after pushing the release date on it 2-3 times, they finally just stopped talking about it. It seemed to be vapor-ware.

Yesterday, out of nowhere, press releases hit a bunch of the blogs. While I did not get one (even after all the love I have shown Charter... sniff...), I am happy to hear that they have released the CARR for sale!

Oddly enough, they released it in the one chambering I'm pretty 'meh' about. It's in .40S&W and on the larger Bull Dog frame. If it was the small 'Off Duty' frame in 9mm, I would have one on order this afternoon. If it was on the Bulldog frame and in .45ACP, I would be driving to Southport, CT and banging on the door of the factory Monday morning. It's pretty cool to have a .40S&W revolver on the market, but for some reason- I just really don't care to own one.

Also, it's not called the CARR anymore. It's now called the Pitt Bull. So I guess that means this revolver will up and maul the crap out of you with no warning one day. I wonder what they will call the .45 version when it comes out? The Bull Mastiff? Maybe they should call the 9mm the "Rat Terrier".

I hope a bunch of you get out there and buy a boatload of them so that they get the 9mm and .45 versions out SOON.

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  1. I'll believe it when I'm holding one in my hand.