Friday, August 5, 2011

Now, the NAVY is preparing for the Zompocalypse (tm)

A few months ago, the CDC told us to get prepared, and now, the Navy is discussing 'off duty preparedness' for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse (Zompocalypse).

BTW, you are a complete n00b if you say that a shotgun is the best choice for Zeds (Zacks, Geeks, Shamblors, walkers, etc...). You need fast reloads, light weight ammo, and maneuverability. Something like a M1.30 carbine, AR-15, 9mm carbine, or heck, even a .22LR. You just need to poke a hole in the skull and scramble the brain.

Things to remember:
  • Have backup
  • Have a backup for your backup
  • Blades don't need reloading
  • Have quick release buckles on any gear you are carrying.
  • If you are bitten, keep fighting till you fall. Take as many of them with you as you can to help save the rest of your group. Take the fight to the Zeds. Draw them into a free fire zone. Whatever- just don't give up.


  1. I have a samurai sword by the bed, authentic. In case the ammo DOES run out. If it doesn't, it's still a nifty little collection piece.

  2. Brigid, you're going to make national news with that thing if there is an intruder.

    Quick release buckles. Oohh, yeah...

    I also say get your hands on at least one grenadish type thingy so if you ARE bitten you can make a final stand and not succumb.

  3. Brigid, I have a Cold Steel long handled Kukri for the same situation. I mean... for conversational purposes.