Thursday, July 21, 2011

P-07 Duty packed up and ready to ship

My nifty little CZ P-07 Duty is all packed up and going to go to FedEx at lunch for the quick trip back to CZ-USA today. She just ain't functioning right.

I was packing it up in a hurry this morning, and I could not find the original box in my stack of CZ boxes. So I made a little dig at this being the SECOND time that I am having to send this back by packing it up in a box from a complete piece of garbage that I no longer own:


Back in the early days of being a projectile enthusiast, I was poor and did not know better. I bought a bunch of Taurus junk guns. I ended up sending a LOT of them back to the factory. I experienced an 80% rate of returning to be fixed, and then 50% of those had to be sent back for repairs again.

So I got rid of all the Tauri. I traded a PT92C and a PT22 for my first CZ. Now I am having to send back CZs for multiple trips home. This is how you get on my shitlist.

I'll take a deep breath and see how this pans out. I am loyal to a brand that takes care of me. Check out my story on the Charter Arms Bulldog. I understand that a mistake can be made, and a faulty product can go out, and need to be fixed. I also know that I have bad luck, and it is not just 'affordable' guns like the CZ, Charter , and Taurus that take a dump on me. I have had to get a brand spanking new Kimber worked on, and the other day while I was carrying it, the cylinder latch on my S&W 325PD .45ACP just fell right the hell off the gun. [I found the little screw, but the latch got eaten by Gnomes. S&W sent me a new latch, no charge.]

The point of this is to say- 'CZ, I own a whole pile of your guns*. My purchases alone have probably paid for 1-2 employees. I recommend your guns to everyone I can. Please don't make me start disliking you. '

*I even own and use a CZ-100. Seriously.

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