Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Duty is Down! Back to CZ with you!

"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action."

I guess this one will be marked 'Coincidence.' My great little carry gun has developed a flaw... I never noticed it until a couple of days ago I cleaned out all the dust bunnies. After reassembly, I was dry firing it on Double Action, and about 25% of the time the hammer would stop on half cock. Puzzled, I started looking closer and noticed it only happened when fired with my right hand. Left hand, 100% fall to the pin. I never shoot this gun double action, and it has never failed in live fire... but that is most definitely a problem.

So, I did some googlin' and found that there are some CZ P-07 Duty guns out there that have/ had that issue. I called CZ-USA, and they issued an RMA and are going to email me FedEx labels.

Now, this will be the SECOND time that I have sent a Duty back to CZ. The first one was replaced due to the frame being out of spec, causing the mags to stick in the mag well.

I like this gun. It shoots great, is very accurate, and I can carry it all day in a Blade-Tech UCH holster under a t-shirt.

But if this thing breaks again, it is gone.

I love CZ, and have about... well, what the media would consider 'an arsenal' of CZ guns. I am a bit of a collector of them. But this is getting ridiculous. The last CZ I bought before this was one of the CZ-2075 RAMIs in .40S&W. It had feed issues, and after 2 trips to the factory, they finally got it to work- but I traded it for a Glock 27.

CZ, the ball is in your court. Do NOT make me sell this gun and get a Glock 19.

And while I'm asking for favors, can you sell the extra mags for less than $43? That is just mean.

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  1. That seals it, you officially have bad gun mojo.