Friday, July 1, 2011


And when you do, make it this one: Monster Hunter Alpha

Autographed copies here: Uncle Hugo's

The Author is one of 'Us'- a thinking conservative/ libertarian gun enthusiast. One of the People. A great writer, seems like a good guy, and just plain hilarious.

I have read all his books. I have one of the first Self-published copies of Monster Hunter International that was a gift from 45er. All his books are funny, gun nuttish without being annoyingly so, and just fun reads. Get his book, help him hit the NYT best seller list, and enjoy.

Larry's call for help:

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  1. Two signed copies ordered from Uncle Hugos! This is supposed to be more awesome than the last. I don't know where the top end of more incredible and better is, but I hope Larry defying physical laws doesn't blow something up or cause the world to end.