Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Random Crap

-In the past 2 weeks, two people that I went to highshcool with died unexpectedly.  Aint nothing like lots of death around you to make you feel mortal.

-Tied into that, I think I am going to start doing Ideal Protein plan.  My sister has lost a crapload of weight on that, and is healthier than ever.  Another guy I went to school with lost 14 pounds on his first week on that plan.  Need to make sure I'm not the next statistic from my very small school.

-I'm going to the range today to test out ARP!  Expect an abbreviated range report this afternoon.

-After reading the news story that a gunshop employee shot a customer in the back, 45er, Leviathan and I have decided there needs to be a '4 Rules' for Gunshop employees:
  1. No shooting of paying customers.  It hurts our repeat sales numbers.
  2. Unless you are 100% sure, stop talking.  There is a high likelyhood that your customer has done a LOT of research on this and knows more than you.
  3. Don't be condescending to women.  That includes assuming they want a pink gun.
  4. The sound of a pump shotgun is not a deterrent.  Stop saying it is.


  1. Those are wise rules, indeed! I think if someone tried to sell me a pink gun I'd have to hurt them.

    I am excited that you're considering IP! I am positive that you're going to have faster results than I have had because 1. You've always had a stronger resolve than I've had, 2.You're a guy and they lose 5-7 lbs. a week on the plan and 3. You're a lot younger than me. It is an extremely easy plan to follow and I'll be happy to share recipes and stuff with you!!

  2. Rule #1 is pretty important. I heard the last one uttered not two months ago by a gun store employee to a prospective buyer. If I spend much more time in the local ones here, I'm going to wear out my neck from head shaking.