Tuesday, September 18, 2012

That was suprisingly easy

Sorry for the crappy pic.
People told me for years that building an AR lower was easy, and I never believed them. 

Turns out, it took less than an hour with a 4-year-old helping me... yep, I fully expect a call from his school when he tells the teacher he built a gun over the weekend.  Kinda looking forward to it.

I had almost none of the supposedly 'needed' tools, and it still went very well.  One small scratch from hammering in the roll pin on the bolt catch. 

Going to look at pistol uppers.  Still trying to decide on a 7.5 or a 10.5 inch barrel.  While I LOVE the idea of making it as small as possible, the slightly lower noise of the 10.5 and making it easier to suppress in the future might have me go for the 10.5.  Thoughts?

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