Friday, August 31, 2012

Something I noticed on Facebook...

The people on my Facebook* feed that are putting up all the negative posts about Conservative ideals, making fun of Clint Eastwood, or posting how great we will be under 4 more years of Obama are the ones that have made really stupid decisions with their lives.

There is the heroin-addict felon that wants everyone else to pay for his healthcare, the college dropout with no job that talks how evil the successful are, the former co-worker that flaked out on 3 consecutive jobs and does not pay rent that mocks Clint Eastwood.

Not that I think Romney is a good candidate, or that I thing the Republicans have the right ideas.  I think Romney is a horrible candidate. In fact, I don't think there is much difference between what Romney has done and what Obama has done (Never go by promises, but by track record).   At this point we are just arguing if we want white or wheat bread on our shit-sandwich.

But there does seem to be a correlation. 

*You don't want to be my friend on Facebook.  Seriously.   The only reason I have not shut down my account is so that I can take screenshots of people's posts and mock them with my friends.  I'll post some of the screen shots if anyone wants to see them.


  1. I want you to have more friends on Facebook so I can enjoy the mockery.