Thursday, August 30, 2012

Coleman Lantern

I promised Stephen that I would post some pics of a Coleman Lantern that I was given a few weeks ago, when he posted some pics of a cool Coleman Stove restoration project that he is undertaking.

This is the lantern as it was given to us.  We were told it was probably from the 60's, and maybe used twice.

This is honestly the first time I opened the case.  At this point, I am believing the story that it was only used twice.

Nope, not from the 60's.  Built October 1972.  Still older than I am.

...and in much better shape than I am

Made in the USA.  Darn shame this Iconic brand is all China now.

I hope you all enjoy the pics!  I need to get some Coleman Fuel and fire this sucker up on what looks to be a still intact 40 year old mantle!


  1. She's a beautiful lantern. You're a lucky man to receive such a beautiful gift. I've one just about the same, red, but purchased and made in Canada by The Canadian branch of Coleman. You have the rare storage box too...quite the plus. My little Coleman Model 502 one burner stove arrived a day or so ago. I'll light fire it and post some pictures for you. Thanks, my good friend.

    1. I think I may fire this up tonight on the back porch, and have a cigar, port and a good book by lamplight.

      Thanks for getting me interested in this stuff!

  2. Man that brings back some memories. What a find!

  3. Thanks! Yeah, this is now part of my "prep" supplies. And it is MUCH classier than the rest of my stuff.

  4. As someone who collects camping equipment, especially lanterns and stoves, I am having serious envy issues with this post. That is a great lantern!! Congrats on the wonderful gift!