Friday, August 10, 2012

People we should not listen to

First we had self-shooter Plaxico Burris trying to blame us Honest Gun Owning Americans (HGOAtm ) for his own dumbassery, and now we have a freaking mass murderer, serial killer, general dirtbag, and inspiration for a horrible Spike Lee movie David Berkowitz talking about how we need to change the national mood on guns

Seriously.  Go here to read it.

Someone that tried, and succeeded, to get the largest city in the United States to quake in fear now expects us to listen to his views on guns and violence.  This... evil that ruled New York City from the barrel of a Charter Arms .44 Special thinks he can say anything more than "I'm Sorry." 

Granted, it seems like he has done a turn around on what remains of his life, and he has a good message to kids entering a life of crime.  But he should have NOTHING to say about guns and or the actions of those of us that have to arm ourselves because some asshole like him might listen to his neighbor's dog and start killing random strangers.

Look, 'Son Of Sam'... You are in permanent time out.  You lost your rights to be a member of society with a voice.  The only reason you are alive is that you did your spree in New York.  If you had pulled that crap in Texas, you would have been put down in the street or rode the golden needle years ago.

And you media types that think going to a mass murderer for a critique on his colleagues latest crimes, and then use that to push your anti-gun agenda?  Screw you.  You guys are despicable.  Leave the pathetic old criminal alone, and do something productive with your lives.  Tell the stories of the people that deserve it.  You have 36,000 local heroes in the NYPD, and 12,000  in the FDNY.  Why don't you go talk to some of those hardworking guys and gals, and stop giving monsters so much ink.


  1. It's amazing who they will get into bed with.

  2. Sickening. How can anyone be so desperate to stoop to this??

    1. It is amazing the levels they will go to to try and prove their point