Thursday, February 21, 2013

For Unca' Joe Effing Biden

If you have not been paying attention, our national shame, Joe Biden, went out and opened his slobbering cake-hole and stuck his whole foot in his mouth.

"Oh, " you say, "It must be a day that ends in 'y'"

Right.  Except Ol' Slo-Mo Joe went out and in one statement where he was a patronizing sexist pig towards women, advocated breaking THREE of the sacred 'Four Rules', and told us to commit what would be a felony in all 50 states.

That has to be a record, even for one as adept in screwing things up.  What did he say?  Here, listen to that smarmy sphincter say it himself:

So, let's break that down:
"You little women don't need no AR-15.  It's just to complicated with all them switches, triggers, dials and stuff.  You need something simple because you are just too mentally incapable of understanding the complex workings of a 60 year old design..."
"Make sure to fire wildly at strange noises with no idea what the target or backstop is."
"The best idea is to make sure an aggressor knows that now your gun is empty."

Mr Biden, please keep your advice to things you actually know, like hairplugs and creepily fondling women in public.  Let the adults talk about adult issues like self defense.


  1. I wonder where he gets his defense training? He sounds like such a professional.