Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The search continues (7.62x39 hunting ammo)

On the right is the current load that I have my CZ-527 Carbine sighted in for.  It is the Herters (Cabelas) 154Gr SP round.  It gives acceptable accuracy, but with random fliers.  On the left is the round that I just tried out in my carbine- the Privi 123gr RN SP.  Just went to the range with the new round, and it is off the possibilities list.  Won't feed from the magazine.  It jams against the feed ramp- too short an OAL, and too rounded. 

From what I can tell, I have tried all the factory loads that are appropriate for hunting.  Please, if you know of an obscure option, let me know in the comments.  I REALLY don't want to do load development to make this shoot to it's potential.

Or, if all else fails, give me a favorite 7.62x39 load.

UPDATE!!: Just found that Hornady is loading the Z-Max zombie ammo in 7.62x39.  Anyone know if that bullet is a hunting bullet with a green tip, or is it a downgraded projectile?


  1. What in the world do you have going on there?

  2. Added a description of the issue

  3. Cool.

    Some ballistics for the Z Max:

    and the bullet seems to be a standard JHP with ballistic tip:

    Couldn't hurt to try. We can always do "testing".

  4. Wish I had time to sight in with the Z-Max before the hunt tomorrow. Doe season would be a great test for the z-max!