Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ohio Gun 'Buy Back'

(H/T to "The Gun Wire")

First, I know that the term "Buy Back" is a misnomer.  The Govt. 'Buying' them is not 'Buying Back' because the guns were never theirs in the first place!

Next, I scanned past this article with the usual contempt, then I clicked on the picture.

"Junk, junk, hi-point, RG, Rohm, junk, meh... WHAT THE HELL?  Is that a Savage 1917?!?"

What a damn shame that someone turned that gun in to be destroyed for a measley $100 gift card, when they could have gotten a lot more in CASH for it to put it in the hands of a collector.


  1. I tell ya, I would love to have had some advanced notice about this buy back so I could have gone down there and held up a cardboard sign saying "Buying guns, $100 cash" as opposed to a $100 target card. I could have walked away with some nice pieces of American art!

  2. Hell, $125 for a pick and choose. I'd pay $125 for that Savage. Yeah, most of that is junk and is that their huge "haul". Wow, for the most part it looks like a bunch of people made money on some of that crap.

  3. I have herd that some people make A cheap gun. IE like from Improvised Munition handbook 1969 for like ten dollars and turn them in for the gift card and then sell the gift cards online or trade them for a real gun to people in the back of the line.

    1. Herd that to. A video on You-tube shows one a gun made for a few dollars.