Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Range time- a full day of friends, firearms, and food

Oh, THERE'S where I left the guns...

Spent all Saturday out in the blazing hot Texas sun, refreshing some rusty self defense skills and playing with guns.

45er has a pretty good writeup

It was fun. It was hard. It was humbling... I realized that I have not been practicing NEARLY enough. My pistol skills were doing OK, but my carbine skills had gone to crap.

But I was rocking the latest in tactical headgear.

So, once again, I resolve to do more dry practice at home. I have to keep the skills fresh.

It was fun to be in one of the places I love the most, doing one of my favorite activities. Even if you don't do as well as your mental image (we are all Superman in our own minds) thinks you will, getting trigger time is always worth it. And getting better is always a worthwhile activity.


We got time to run some really cool guns. I am a HUGE fan of this 'Krink' copy that started life as one of those goofy Draco pistols, and is now just a hellacious little fighter
I know that is not the real name. I just like the word. KRINK!

The only thing we did not work on a lot was long distance work. The longest shot we had was maybe 40 yards
Take that, dirt!

We finished the day with some good beer, grilled steak and venison, and Whisky Brownies.

Today's lesson? Get out and SHOOT. Turn some money into sound. Work on your skills. Have fun.

Even if it's hotter than hell.

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  1. AWESOME time. Great post. I can't wait to do it again. Next time we're bringing the wives.