Thursday, June 16, 2011

9mm 1911s

I MIGHT be getting a chunk of change prised free from the family budget for more gun stuff. Am I going to get the accessories I need for other guns? Scopes, Slings, holsters, another CCW Belt? Will I get the conversion kit to De-castrate the Saiga?

Nope, I want to buy another gun.

"You have an effing problem."

I would like to honor the 2011 Centennial of the Army's adoption of God's own handgun- the 1911. I have a Mil-spec 1911, and a nice carry 1911... So, what do I 'need'*?

A Range 1911. One that is cheap to shoot and shares ammo with some of my other guns. Also, one that shows the 100 year evolution of the 1911... Yep, I 'NEED'* a 9mm 1911.

What I would like is an STI 2011:
MSRP: $2790. Not gonna happen.

Well, STI offers a lower cost, single stack 1911

MSRP $1110. "Honey, If I get this one, I am SAVING $1680!!"

Yeah... So I am looking at other options. Here are the ones I have come across:
Springfield Armory
Para USA
Smith & Wesson
...and Rock Island (Hey, I could actually afford that one!)

What am I missing? Is there another option? Any experiences with any of these, or thoughts?

*'need' is based on the Projectile Enthusiast definition of need, i.e.: I don't have one yet. I might have one sorta like it, but not EXACTLY like this one.


  1. I'm seriously considering a 2011 1911 for this year after I get a smaller CCW. The 9mm is a great option. I never thought about that. hmmm. And the wife and I could carry 1911s together and be all cute.

  2. Matching his and hers 1911s? That is beyond cute. Get them monogrammed.