Monday, April 18, 2011

My first gate rape!

Just went through the security checkpoint in San Jose, and they were running the porn scanners. I opted out, and had the wonderful experience of getting patted down.

I had a vey young aisian male pat me down. Sanding in front of everyone at the checkpoint when the "I need a male assist!" is shouted across the area. No shoes on, pants falling down (can't wear my Don Hume gun belt through the pat down), and having some minimally trained government agent rub over my ass and crotch and run his fingers inside my waistband. Meanwhile they have the loudspeakers droning on with the rules for going through the checkpoint. This was a surreal experiene that reminded me of 1970's dystopian movies or propaganda movies about soviet era Russia.

And my sarcastic streak almost got me in to trouble. I had the urge to say something about "thankfully I have a thing for Asians" when he was describing how he was going to touch my crotch with the back of his hand.

This security theatre has got to stop. It does nothing

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