Saturday, February 19, 2011

Open Carry- It seems to be the latest 2ndA 'brushfire'

There are lots of blogs and websites that are talking about Open Carry. For those that don't know, open carry is the carrying of firearms with no concealment. It is legal in some places and in some situations. Here in TX, open carry is generally banned in public.

I'll post some links later (it's saturday, I'm lazy and headed for a gunshow), but here are my views:

I think it should be legal, but I would very rarely do so if it was. Carrying concealed makes more sense- it does not draw attention, and provides the element of surprise if you are attacked.

But I would love to not have to be paranoid when carrying that an errant gust of wind or moment of inattention could case me to break the law and lose my license. And I would probably OC when in the local parks and greenbelts.

Eh- not much point to this post. I'll post some cooler stuff later

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