Monday, February 14, 2011

The Charter .44 Is almost home!

New Toy- Broken in Box
Delay caused by snow (In JANUARY! OMG!)
Made it back to the mothership

Now, I was told when I called Charter back on the 8th that it would take 5 days to repair. I realized last night that if is shipped out today (5 business days later), that I would not have anyone available to sign for the UPS package. So I called to get an estimated delivery day so I could plan for it.

Once again, I got Dee on the phone. Again she was pleasant, helpful, and actually remembered my case. Told me it had already shipped and is scheduled for delivery today!

All I can say is 'w00t!'

I WILL be going to the range in the next day or two and will post my results.

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