Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random Wheelgun thoughts

It's no secret to those that know me, but I like oddball guns. Pistol caliber carbines, bolt action 7.62x39, moonclip revolvers.... I like them all. I am also a big revolver fan.

So, two things out there right now are calling a siren song to me. The pull is great, and the only reason I have not put them on order at my favorite gunstore (TexGuns) is that both of them seem to be vapor-ware:
First is the Chiappa Rhino. This thing has that whole "Yoda-Cute" thing going on: So ugly it's cute.
Then there is the Charter Arms Rimless Revolver. A revolver firing 9mm (or .380), or .40, or .45ACP without moonclips. It's like that old S&W 547 (yeah, I want one of those as well. Unfortunately, I have only seen ONE for sale- ever), this one was announced a year and a half ago, and rumors have it that it might be finally announced to ship at the NRA annual meeting next weekend.

There is one other 'dark horse' out there that fits into this 'oddball, revolver'thing is one that I am ashamed to admit is calling a siren song to me. The Rossi Circuit Judge. This is basically taking that ridiculous Taurus Judge revolver and stretching it out to make it a revolving carbine. Why does this speak to me? Because I have wanted a revolving carbine for YEARS. As a matter of fact, I bought a Ruger Super Redhawk for the express purpose of having a 16 inch barrel screwed in, a buttstock from a TC Encore fitted, and the cyl trimmed to take moonclips. That way I could fire .45ACP, .45Colt, and .454Casull all from the same cool little carbine. Just have not found a gunsmith that will do the project yet
But this Rossi would be cheaper and easier. But it would have that famous Taurus quality control that (in my personal experience) means that I would have to ship it back to the factory once, maybe twice, before it works.

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