Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How long until the moonbats say "5/1 was an inside job?"

So, what could have been a pretty powerful car bomb was left in the heart of NYC. Our top dog law enforcement officer in the US says he is not sure it's terrorism. Then we have that dipshiat Bloomberg try and tie it to those of us that think that socialized medicine is a bad, stupid, and ruinous idea.

Now we find out that an arrest has been made, and it's a naturalized citizen from Pakistan. Worse, he spent 5 months in what could only be terrorist training in Pakistan, and none of our intel agencies knew about it.

Our incompetence in border security, Intel, and enforcement is only outweighed by the abject stupidity of someone who spent 5 months training and still could not make 10 gallons of gas, 40 pounds of propane, fireworks and fertilizer explode.

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