Friday, March 14, 2014

Gun Pr0n- Primary Arms red dot and Mossberg MVP

I hinted* that I had something new a few days ago.  I finally had some time to get the camera out when there was still good light and get a few shots.  But before I get to the new one, I wanted to show a new config on one of my Truck Guns.

Back at Christmas, a family member gave me a Primary Arms Micro Dot.  I did not have a host for it, so I started hunting for a mount for my AK Pistol "Trainwreck".  I took a leap of faith and bought the Strike Industries Rear AK Sight Rail 2.  I finally got it all mounted up, sighted in, and ready to roll.  Here she is:

The sight mount gives a "Lower 1/3 Cowitness"

There were a few reports online about the mount being less than solid.  I've only run about 60 rounds through it so far, but it is holding.  The red dot is just what I have come to expect from Primary Arms.   Solid, clear, bright, and user friendly.  I look forward to getting this out to the range and do some real work with it and test it out.  I have high hopes for this combo.

Now, on to the new gun.

I have come to the realization over the last few months that I am a 'gun hipster'.  I like the oddball guns.  Pump action deer rifles?  Yes, please!  Single shots?  The more the merrier! Pistol caliber carbines, and rifle caliber pistols?  Heck, yeah!

So, when Mossberg came out with the MVP- I had to have one.  In case you have not seen this gun before, this is a bolt action rifle that fires 5.56/.223, and feeds from standard AR-15 magazines.  Why, that's just goofy enough to be right in my wheelhouse!

So I bought one a few weeks back.

This is a really cool design.  Light, handy, fast... and hopefully accurate.  I took it to the range and ran a few mags through it, but mostly it was a function test.  I don't have an optic for it- yet.  I have something special on backorder for it, but for now it's just running the excellent Williams foresight front and adjustable rear
No photo adjustments on this one.  The front sight is really that bright
The magazine release is oddly placed, yet very usable

It wears a birdcage flash hider, which will be unscrewed when I get my next suppressor
The rifle fed well from PMAGS, GI Aluminum, and pretty much everything... except the factory 10 round mag.  That one worked great with brass, but hung up on steel case.  
Oh, it also has one of the trigger-dingies that seem to be all the rage.  It's an adjustable "LBA" trigger.  It came out of the box pretty good, so I did not mess with it... yet
Factory 10 round magazine

What makes the MVP work is a bolt with a special little drop down jaw at the bottom that will reach into the mag, scoop up a round, and fold back into the bolt as it chambers the round.  Pretty slick, and works pretty well.  The bolt requires a little slop into it to be able to feed from a wide range of mags.  That makes it a little slow and 'bindy' when running it hard.  I'm hoping that gets smoother as it slicks up with wear.  Here is the jaw 'thingie' on the bolt face:
After taking a look at that, I could not resist the following:
Expect a full range report once the optic comes in!