Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dehydrators- Suggestions?

My old POS dehydrator decided to leave us, and now I am looking to replace it.  I've done some research, and an about ready to pull the trigger on a new unit.

This will be used mostly for making snacks.  Vegetable chips, dehydrated fruit, some meat drying (I have a smoker for real jerky), and also for long-term storage of vegetables and fruit.  Dehydrate them, and then seal em in a vacuum bag. 

Anyone have any suggestions?  Here are the front runners that I'm looking at:

Open Country 7 Tray at Bass Pro:
pro- Inexpensive, know someone that has one and likes it, lots of capacity
con- not much in the way of control.  Basically on and off.

Open Country Square:
Pro- Not too pricey, more controls, good capacity
Con- Not really any reviews to be found online.

Necso 700 watt
Pro- Inexpensive, good reviews, more controls
Con- Limited capacity (unless you buy more trays)

LEM 10 Tray
Pro- LOTS of capacity, Great control, Great reviews
Con- Expensive, large

Nesco 1000 Watt
Pro- Lots of Capacity, Great reviews, Good controls, Lots of accessories included
Con- More expensive, Largish. 

I know Excalibur is the gold standard, but they are very expensive to get one with more than just minimal carrying capacity.  I'm open for any input!


  1. I'll be available for the testing phase.

    1. I'm thinking I'm going for the LEM. What the heck

  2. I haven't tried any of the above, but I have struggled with others in the past. I almost gave up on trying to get anything going with one. I bought a 9 tray Excalibur and have been very pleased. They are not cheap, and I think they have a healthy margin built into them, but I really like mine. Finding one at a garage sale or flea market is probably the best buy, but is very luck-dependent. Just my $0.02.