Wednesday, September 12, 2012

AR Pistol Update (Palmetto State Armory FAIL)

The box of parts was surprisingly waiting for me when I got home.

Not surprisingly, it had been crushed somewhere along the way.  Of EFFING course.  I think it's MORE surprising to get an intact box rather than one crushed or covered in BBQ sauce.


Anyway, I now have all the parts to build out my lower!
Springs and do-hickeys and stuff!
So where is the fail I mention in the title?  Well it's in pretty much every contact I had with Palmetto State Armory.  The only thing that went OK was the actual placing of the order.  After that... Well, here is the timeline:

Aug 30- order placed. Everything showed 'in stock' on website (Which is why I ordered with them, plus some recommendations from online sources)
Sept 5- Emailed for Status (6 days later, 4 business days)
Sept 7th- told order would be shipped (8 days, 6 business days)
Sept 8th- Order tracking info sent to me (9 days, 6 Business days)
  at this point, I found the tracking number not working on UPS website
Sept 10- Emailed with the problem with the UPS tracking Number  (11 Days, 7 business days) NO RESPONSE
Sept 11th- Emailed for help again (12 days, 8 business days)
Sept 12th- Tracking number finally starts showing status, and I get a response from PSA. And the response is just "Tracking number XXXX is out for delivery"

Now, let me open the kimono a bit.  I have spent all my life in customer service and customer facing roles.  I worked for a company for several years was known to announce things then go on massive indefinite backorders... even to the point of shipping ONE unit to say that they made shipping deadlines, then not ship anything for weeks more.  (As a matter of fact, that company just made a massive announcement today.)  I have worked for another company as it went down the tubes due to an idiotic merger and constantly dealt with angry customers looking for shipments.  I NEVER ignored emails just to see if the problem would solve itself.  Yes, I know that UPS can sometimes have a glitch that tracking numbers don't show up until they are delivered, and I also know you can go into UPS Quantum View and tell if it was the glitch or if the package was lost or never shipped.  TELL the worried customer what is going on.

What makes this a FAIL is the total lack of communication or service.  There was no 'I'm sorry your order did not ship for 6 days, here is a code for 1/2 off shipping on your next order"  or "It looks like your shipment is OK, and scheduled for delivery on the 12th!".  Just delays and silence.

Please do not excuse them because I only used email for contact.  They took my order online, they can give status and service online.  If you cannot handle electronic communication, take down your website and start mailing people catalogs.

Now, I have a lot of more parts to buy for this build and another bare receiver.  Can someone suggest a better company to use?

Edit: Palmetto State Armory replied to me via email:

           To clarify:

                    Your order was placed August 30th at 10:30PM which would make your first business day August 31st. Your order was shipped out on the 7th of September which was the 5th business day as we were closed for the Labor Day Holiday on September 3rd. We advertise that our current shipping time is 5 business days. I hope you have a good day sir.
To be fair, I did forget about the holiday on the 3rd.  They did beat the 5 day lead time on orders that I never saw on the website.  That is a bad one on me. 

Still no mention on the 2 day wait times on relies to customer service emails.


  1. FYI, if you are looking for a great upper, check out

    it's a complete upper assembly plus it's a barrett...what's not to love?

    I received mine about 4 days after order.

  2. Stir, stir, stir.

    Yeah, that's a pretty bad deal. Every company has little issues. Ignoring them is what makes little issues big.

  3. I just had a similar problem with Palmetto.
    I was looking for some "lead free" ammo and was having some problems finding it on their website as they are very sparse in their product descriptions.
    I placed 5 or 6 calls to their customer service line only to get their recorded message.
    I then sent their customer service department an email stating my disappointment with their lack of customer service and also inquired to "backordered item" on an order they showed as complete.
    That was 2-3 weeks ago and no response at all.
    I subsequently called and placed the orders with Midway and Cabelas...they answer the phone and actually help....what a concept.
    PSA seems to have gone steadily downhill since they changed their website format. Too bad. They used to be a good place to do business.

  4. Someone mentioned Del-ton. Was that supposed to mean as a BETTER company to deal with?
    Del-ton will accept your order on items they show as "in stock", then pull some of the parts that you have spoken for and ship them to one of their bigger, more important customers, backorder them to you, and ship you the rest of the order. A month later when they have those items in stock again, they will bill your account including ADDITIONAL shipping. And in the interim, they will not even allow you to cancel the portion of the order that they backordered.

    Know what's even better? They actually admit this on Arfcom, and adopt the attitude that you are a jerk if you have a problem with that.

    As far as I am concerned, PSA blows Del-ton away. But I prefer to not deal with either of them. There are companies out there that actually value me as a customer.

    1. Wow. Never heard that about DTI. If that is true, it's pretty shitty of them.

      However, I bought these from my LGS. They were in stock, I supported the little guy that had them