Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alton Brown is part of the Gun Culture!

Check out these tweets!

Alton Brown is one of the reasons I am as good of a cook as I am now.  12 years ago, I pretty much cooked large chunks of meat on the grill... and that was it.  After I met That Wife, and she introduced me to a wider range of cooking, I started watching Food Network.  Specifically, I started watching every episode of Good Eats that I could.  Alton Brown spoke to my inner Hardware Geek/ MacGyver wannabe, and showed all the science behind cooking.  Now I have proof that he is a gun guy (there were suspicions... He's from Georgia, sometimes featured very cool tactical knives on his show, etc...).  Very cool.

h/t to Bitter at Shall Not be Questioned

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  1. He just raced to the top of my awesome guy list.