Friday, June 15, 2012

Pictures from the road

Had a business trip this week.  Spent 4 days on the road going through some beautiful countryside and some really depressing a sketchy areas of some big cities.  Here are some random images from the road (sorry for the crappy iPhone pics):

I laughed at this, then got sad at the poor group they made.
This was like 1 mile away from the deer crossing sign
Two things I need more of.
Need this for the hunting blind.
This was an unexpected gem.  The "Austin" from Cole and Parks
If you have to ask... yes- you probably are gone.
Now, just to find some redemption.
Not just any wings, but wings where they were invented
I see they invented that Canoe Magnet.
The Man-  The Greatest Geek That Ever Lived


  1. Wow! That was like watching a redneck version of the X Files, with just of touch of Guy Fieri thrown in for added surrealness!

  2. What a road trip of greatness! Thanks for brightening up our house this evening. Loved the pics.

    1. Thanks, Brigid. It was a fun trip, but I am glad to be home

  3. I love it. Also, according to The Oatmeal, that's Nikola God&@mn Tesla, lol. Truly the god of geeks. Canoe magnet is full of win.

    1. maybe Tesla built the Canoe magnet?