Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dear God, NO!

I just heard on the radio that Coors is coming out with a beer/ iced tea blend. I almost threw up.


Here is the news story
said Tuesday it will launch Coors Light Iced T in Canada next month ahead of a possible U.S. rollout. The citrus-like, iced tea-flavored beer will have roughly 4% alcohol content but no caffeine. 
What did Canada ever do to deserve that?

I'm taking that as a threat.
 This will be what this new generation of high school kids will think is cool to drink.  Much like we did with Miller Clear.  God that stuff was awful.


  1. They'll probably try and make it "Gluten Free!" as well. (not that it could get any worse).

  2. I thought Coors was tea or is it tee-tee?

  3. Here is the news story:

    What a waste of good tea.

  4. HA! We're too alike. I had the same freak out session.

  5. Uh, no. That is just wrong!