Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Interesting day yesterday

First, I saw over at Guns, Holsters and Gear that CZ is now offering the P-07 Duty with an extended, threaded barrel and tall sights for Suppressor use.  I am looking forward to buying those parts and retrofitting my Duty.  Cue 'happy dance'.

Next, I took the CZ 527 Carbine to the range to sight it in, test the set trigger, and see if I could get decent groups with the heavyweight ammo and the new scope.  I got it to hunting shape, but there are still some disturbing flyers that makes me think that this ammo is just not built with enough care to make a really accurate round.  But all the other factory hunting rounds are lighter bullets that don't group worth a darn from that rifle.  the 154gr will put MOST of them in a 1.25" group... but there will be a round every once in a while that jumps out another inch.  So I guess I'm going to have to get some of the Sierra 150Gr .311 bullets and start loading.  I HATE load development- It means buying a BUNCH of powder just to find out it's not what I need.  If anyone knows of a heavy factory load for the 7.62x39 with a soft point, please put it in the comments.  Or a suggested load... or anything to help me out.

While at the range, MI2Tall had his new carry gun.  That Kahr PM45 is a nice little blaster.  I got to fire 2 mags through it and really like it.  I have been a fan of Kahr for a long time, and own a Kahr MK9.  Nice to shoot that new gun, and it reinforces my need to get a CW45 sometime soon.

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