Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Range Report- So THAT'S what a high end gun gets you.

Back in the country for just a shade over 24 hours, and I get myself to a shooting range.  THAT is a 'Projectile Enthusiast' for you!

I took my new STI to the range for lunch and blew a hundred rounds through it.  Just starting the initial break in.

Every bench on the range has bullet strikes on it.  Scary.

So I load up the only mag I have, run the target out to 7ish yards and start banging away.
Not bad.  Hitting a little low.

I try a mag of headshots
You can see what having a defined aiming point does for you.
I let the range guy run a few rounds through it (he aims at the logo to the side), then I run the rest of the box center of mass.
That is a full fifty rounds, off hand using a two hand hold- in the middle is a 37 round one hole group.  I am an OK pistol shot, but this was just unreal.  Recoil is negligible, it points like a laser, operates like silk on glass, and is scary accurate.

I like it.

Edit- Let me expand here.

It is 2011.  I needed to be a good little gun nut, and buy a 1911.  It's not like we need a reason to get a new gun- but that was an actual reason!  After an exhaustive search of options, I decided to go with STI.  For several reasons including reputation, service, quality, and that little Texas on the side of the slide tipped it over the edge.  I went with 9mm to keep ammo costs down, and... well, I did not have a 9mm 1911.  I have a MilSpec 1911, and a custom carry 1911, now I have a 9mm.

The build quality on this is simply superb.  The slide runs on it's rails like nothing I have ever felt.  Sights are crisp and clean, and the controls all work the way you want them to- except one thing.  There is not a crisp 'click!' that I am used to when engaging the safety.  It locks in place, but I'm just used to a click.

STI, and the Ranger II, get a big thumbs up from me.  Granted, I only have 100 rounds through it so far.  However, I am giving this a big thumbs up.


  1. I so can't wait to put some rounds into that.

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    1. Jessie, I would be interested. Your comment was locked in my spam folder, and you did not leave contact info.