Thursday, September 15, 2011

A 'bad' day at the range

Well, a bad 'lunch' at the range.  And I know that it's better than a good lunch at work.

I took the freshly scoped CETME to the range to see if I could get it to shoot.  This was the 3rd scope attempt, and frankly- the last chance for this gun. 

Backstory- I bought the CETME the day that the Assault Weapons Ban ended.  It is a good gun- works well, does not jam, and I can do decent with the crappy iron sights it has.  But they are crappy irons, and my eyes are not getting any younger.  I can hit with accuracy out to 100 yards, but beyond that, it's luck.  So I have been attempting to scope this rifle so I could get hunting accuracy with it.

But I cannot get a scope mounted to it that does not give me 5-6" accuracy at 50 yards.  It's just a clamp on a sheet metal receiver.  It's not solid enough under .308 recoil.

At the range I took the CETME and the CZ-527 Carbine.  The CETME- well, a 5" shotgun pattern at 50 yards.  The CZ carbine is dialed in with a 154Gr SP Herter's load that gave me a couple of one hole groups, but had some unexplainable fliers.  I think that it's just not consistent enough- it's designed to be a cheap blasting load, not a whitetail head puncher.  The 122-124 Grain loads that everyone loads give 3" groups. 

So- I have one rifle that is pretty much good to go for chest shots.  But the rifle can do better.  Time to start handloading...anyone know where I can get 154 Grain .311 softpoint bullets?

And the CETME... well, I guess it's going to the next gunshow with me.  Probably going to sell it and get an easily scope-able, Magazine fed, semi-auto .308.  AR-10, M1A, etc... Suggestions?


  1. Well, maybe you just saved me frustration and money on mine. Looks like it's time to look at an AR 10 for me as well.

  2. I'm thinking it will be a DPMS AR-10, like MI2Tall has.

  3. If you get either a DPMS or M1A, the rifle will be useless if you do not get top notch glass. You will spend near, as much, or more than you rifle for glass, but don't skimp, or you might as well get something else. If it takes time to save, be patient. They are both precision machines, so go with a 4x ACOG, Leo Mk IV or Nightforce (illuminated models).

    A rifle, set up properly, is a force multiplier.

    Going cheap on glass to buy more guns gives you doorstops.