Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cool idea on 'teh intarwebz"

Saw this linked to off of New Jovian Thunderbolt:

Watertight, transparent ammo storage. I like the idea, and since I have a toddler in the house, it fits into the "Reduce, Reuse, recycle" mantra that the little bastard 'Go Diego Go' keeps hammering into our heads between earworm theme songs. Grrr.... anyway.

But It reminded me of something I am doing at home myself. We use a lot of rice at the house, and end up with a few of these containers every one or two months:

I've been using this to store reloaded ammo. Just dump the ammo in the container, toss in a post it note with the recipe, and stack em in the closet. I'll try and post a pic when I get home.

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