Friday, December 17, 2010

Using an AK to build a Guitar

An Instrument for Peace, Literally

See this news story, and I immediately come up with rules for it:

The NGA 3 rules:
ALWAYS keep your guitar pointed in a safe direction.
Keep your fingers off the frets until you are ready to ROCK!
ALWAYS keep your guitar unplugged until ready to rock.

Jeff Cooper’s 4 rules:
All Guitars are ready to rock.
Never let the headstock cover anything that you are not ready to rock out
Keep your fingers off the frets until your sights are on the music
Be sure of your music! Know what the tune is, what it sounds like, and what is behind it. Never rock out anything you have not positively identified. Be aware of your surroundings, whether in the studio or on a stage. Do not assume anything. Know what you are doing.

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