Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Bad News- Rossi delaying the Ranch Hand

As reported by The Firearms Blog

So, I go and get myself all excited about buying a Ranch Hand, and getting it suppressed, and Rossi goes and delays it. Not shipping to Q1 2011. I am starting to fear that this will join the leagues of firearms vapor-ware that I fall for all the time.


  1. I got 2 45 LC in 3 weeks ago and where sent to the first 2 buyers back in June. 1 of the 44 Mags I will receive this week, and it goes out to the first customer of the 44's back in July.

    Bill Butler
    Idaho Gun Broker

  2. I got mine off Gun Broker last week. 11/10 45C. Nice gun but like Taurus. Not pretty wood. well fitted but not pretty.