Friday, July 30, 2010

"Class III" is not cheap

A while ago, I won $700 and dedicated that cash to go to buying a suppressor. Everything I read and heard was "It's easy!" Supposedly, all you do is get a Trust, fill out some paperwork, mail it all off to the BATFE with a $200 check, wait a few months, and Ta-DAH! You have a suppressor!

So, I get with the guys at Major Malfunction and figure out for my needs that a pistol caliber suppressor will get me the most 'suppressed bang' for the buck. I'll be able to fit it to all sorts of stuff and use one can for a whole pile of guns in my safe. I go for the Yankee Hill Machine Cobra M2 .45 caliber suppressor. It is the only one in this price range that can be disassembled for cleaning, which means I can use it (with the right threaded barrel and adapter) on things from .22LR up through .45ACP. Awesome.

My Can, or one just like it:

So, I pay $499 for the suppressor. It gets shipped to my local Class III dealer, Chuck's Class III, and I fill out the paperwork and send in my $200 check to the BATFE.

I start trying to decide what is going to get threaded, and in what order. I want to make sure that once I have that tax stamp, I am going to go shoot THAT FREAKING DAY.

I figure these are the ones I want to have the option to mount the suppressor on:
1911, Glock 22, CZ-75, Uzi Carbine, the Wife's Walther P22, Ruger 10-22, Marlin Camp Carbine, Kel Tec Sub 2000 carbine. And I'm sure there will be more.

I come up with another oddball idea, as well. You know that I mentioned that Rossi Ranch Hand a while ago? Well, wouldn't that be freaking cool if you could figure out a way to mount the suppressor on there? I find a company that can do such things by fitting a barrel extension on the gun- Tornado Technologies. Why suppress that? Because no one else has. And the conventional wisdom is that you CAN'T suppress a .357 Mag handgun because of the Barrel/ cylinder gap on revolvers. Well, this .357 Mag Pistol does not have a B/C gap, so- Nyah. I guess from looking at their price list that it would be about $150. Kinda expensive, but this is custom.

Then I start pricing barrels for the pistols- Holy Crap! They are more expensive then the tax stamp! The cheapest is a Lone Wolf barrel for the Glock 22, and that is $140 plus shipping and a thread protector. The ones for the 1911 and CZ-75 are all $240+

So, here is the math:
Can- $499
Tax- $200
Transfer Fee- $50
3 Month Wait- FREE!
Cheapest threaded barrel- $140

So this will be $889 to just suppress the Glock. Damn. This is NOT the hobby for the impatient or the thrifty.

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