Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year- resolutions

Robb started it.  I'll blame him.

So, it's 2012.  What are the Gunny New Years Resolutions?  I looked back at the ones from last year, and see that I got most of the way there on #1, did NOTHING on #2, and batted 1000 on the purchases.

This year:
1. Shoot More.  I have to get to the range more often
2. Finish the Projects.  Seriously, I have been saying I was going to do some of these for 12 years.  That's just sad.
3. Reload More.  Now that the kiddo listens to instructions on a semi-regular basis, I might be able to load rounds without worrying about a toddler eating a primer.
4. Purchases:
  1. AR-10 of some sort.  Probably the DPMS Oracle
  2. An AK Pistol to use as a base for an SBR build
  3. an inexpensive bolt action hunting gun.  Savage Edge, Mossberg ATR, Stevens 200, etc... Something cheap that I can bang around and not worry about
But that's it.  Pretty simple.


  1. That pretty well covers it but I'd add in at least one steel plate or bowling pin shoot, they are just TOO much fun!

  2. I wish I could do some competetions. I had a blast doing IDPA. It's just hard to care out a whole day to dedicate to that.

  3. I like the purchases part!