Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I am ditching the normal resolutions this year. But here are two I'm going to make:

1) Shoot More. I have all these guns and accessories, and hardly ever use them. I am resolving to go shooting at LEAST twice a month. Also to do dry fire training once a week with both handguns and rifles.

2) Finish more of the gun projects. I have bought guns through my life with plans of what to do with them, and with very few exceptions NEVER finished them. I am going to focus less on acquisition of guns, and more on building the ones I have the way I want them to be.

However, there are a few on the 'must get' list that will be done this year.
-Rossi Ranch Hand
-a 1911 of some sort for the Centennial celebration
-Saiga 12Ga.

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