Friday, December 30, 2011

Two things I think I need

I was goofing off on Atlantic Firearms website and saw that Slidefire Solutions now has an AK-47 bumpfire stock set.  Well, lookie there... That looks like a GREAT way of turning money into sound. 

Oooohh... and it works on the SAIGA 12!  Look at how that guy gets beat to hell on a 20 round drum!

Yep.  I need one of these.  I could swap it between the WASR and the SAIGA as needed....

But the ultimate would be the Mini Draco and a $200 SBR tax stamp to put them together.
I think that would make one heck of an attention getter at the range. 


  1. Oh, heck yes...but as you know, it's a fine way to burn up a barrel if a person isn't cautious.

  2. And it's a great way to smoke a couple of C-notes on ammo. Looks like a fun-making accessory.