Friday, January 20, 2012

SHOT SHow 'Want!' continued

So far, this SHOT Show seems pretty lackluster from all the posts and reports I've seen.  I mean, if you want ARs of all sorts of stripes, configurations, and manufacturers- I guess it would be a good show.

The first thing I want to get off my chest is that THIS is a Thing That Should Not Be:
The Mossberg "WTH?"

Next, a true WANT!
US Palm Quad Stack AK Magazine

This one is a Mega-WANT, but of course, the Goobmint does not trust us with true full-auto:
CZ 9mm Skorpion
(5 years for a Semi version to be brought in?  Why so long?)

This is pretty cool.  An AR-ish .30 Carbine that takes M1 Carbine Mags. 
Excel Arms X-30R Rifle
If they made that in 7.62x25 and taking PPSH mags, I would dent a credit card NOW on ordering one.

This is cool, wonder what mags it takes?
Savage 10 FCP-SR


  1. That Savage is kinda nice. It would be cool if it took M14 mags.

  2. Or FAL mags. Don't pull a Ruger and use Accuracy International $80 magazines.

  3. Right, and not some proprietary mag that will not be available anywhere in a year.

  4. The Skorpion probably needs to re-worked with enough US-made parts to allow it to be imported into the States

  5. I agree with Exurban 1,000%. I know That Guy would trip over himself to get one if they were brought in tomorrow.