Tuesday, January 17, 2012

'WANT!'s from the SHOT Show

The SHOT show is in full swing, and here I am... NOT at the SHOT show.  But I have this whole Interwebz thing, and I can still see what everyone else sees, and mention what I think is cool, and what I want that is new:

Colt has gone from offering almost nothing different from a hundred other manufacturers to having this big 'ol piece of WANT!
Colt 1887 Bulldog Gatling Gun
Here is an awesome picture from Gunblast.com
I need one of these.  Seriously.

CZ has the suppressor-ready version of the P-07 Duty.  I don't need this whole gun, just the barrel to retrofit my current Duty
CZ also has a new Longslide version of the CZ-75 Shadow.

Umarex has a .22LR version of the Uzi, as reported by Shooting Illustrated

More to come as more blogs post more results from the show!

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