Monday, January 16, 2012

For Immediate Release: Herp Derp, Durrrr.....

I heard some startling news today.  I was completely stunned when I heard it on the radio, and then when I saw it on the Washington Post.  I felt a need to share it with both of you guys that read:

A growing body of research over three decades shows that easy, unearned praise does not help students but instead interferes with significant learning opportunities.
Of course,my immediate reaction is to mutter "No Feces, Sherlock." 

“We used to think we could hand children self-esteem on a platter,” Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck said. “That has backfired.”
BTW, Boston terriers make the best "Herp Derp" pictures
Click on the link above and read all the brilliance.  Us uneducated 'bitter clingers' have known this for years- we called them morons when they started all this "Everyone gets a trophy!" horse-squeeze.  Some educated moron thinks that telling everyone that they are doing a great job while screwing up royally, and now- years and millions of dollars later- they find out that it is just as stupid as it sounds. 

How many kids have we screwed up with that pap?  Those stupid decisions will resonate through the ages and continue to do damage in a hundred years.  Raising kids right is serious business- we are writing the future history of the world, and it is too important to leave in the hands of ivory-tower liberals that want to tear down the things that got them where they are.

This just infuriates me that it was so obviously stupid in the first place, and these ijits act surprised when they have raised a generation of clowns that thing sitting on the steps of city hall while smelling like pot smoke and body odor will get them further in life.


  1. At least we can say, 'we told you so..'

  2. I read a recent article about a high school football coach that had all the kids get together and burn their "participation" trophies. For some reason he got in a lot of trouble. I can tell you what I plan for my kids if they are still handing those out. I'll bet they'll make great targets.

  3. Stephen- Yeah, that will be some consolation. Not much, but some.

    North, I know, right?

    45er- Strap some tannerite to them and make 'em disappear!