Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beer- more importantly OUTSTANDING beer.

Sorry for the crappy pics.  Using a cheap camera in low light.

Sunday night, after my outstanding hunt, I needed a beer.  I wanted to make it an great beer to follow such a great day.  A few days ago, the Leviathan (who needs to start posting again) sent out an alert to me to try and grab a bottle of Deschutes 'The Abyss" before the limited release sold out.  I checked the local stores, and they were already out.  So, I contacted 45er, and he was able to grab me 2 bottles from a small store near him.

If you see this label, buy it.
This is not a 'cool down after mowing the lawn' beer.  It is dark, has very complex flavors, and is more suited to a brandy snifter than a pint glass.  It pours dark, almost black, with minimal caramel colored head.  Aroma leans toward molasses with a hint of vanilla or bourbon.
Yes, I shared.  It took a lot of strength to do so.
I poured a glass to share with That Wife.  The flavors are very complex with molasses, vanilla/bourbon, a hint of cherry and chocolate.  Very nice, and with a clean finish.  Not as heavy on the palate as I thought it would be.

Now, this beer in 11% ABV, so that is roughly 22 proof.  That is about the same alcohol strength as those nasty DeKuyper Schnapps that used to get you messed up in Junior High.  So, enjoy this at home, and don't drive anywhere. 

I give this a big thumbs up, and if you can find any of the limited release left- buy it!


  1. You're making me want to open my other bottle. I can already tell I'm going to suck at aging beer.

  2. OOOOH! I hope our local store still has some in stock! This sounds like something the husband would enjoy!

  3. Lanza, try the one at 173 and 16. They have all kinds of great stuff. It's where I got our bottles.