Friday, April 11, 2014

Watch this. Now.

Then go to youtube and watch all his vids. 

But really... a SIG?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Drawing a Pistol in a Car

Good video.  I need to practice this more.

H/T to Say Uncle

Thursday, March 20, 2014

PMAG 10 and the MVP Patrol

Looks much better, and works great with steel and brass case ammo

Friday, March 14, 2014

Gun Pr0n- Primary Arms red dot and Mossberg MVP

I hinted* that I had something new a few days ago.  I finally had some time to get the camera out when there was still good light and get a few shots.  But before I get to the new one, I wanted to show a new config on one of my Truck Guns.

Back at Christmas, a family member gave me a Primary Arms Micro Dot.  I did not have a host for it, so I started hunting for a mount for my AK Pistol "Trainwreck".  I took a leap of faith and bought the Strike Industries Rear AK Sight Rail 2.  I finally got it all mounted up, sighted in, and ready to roll.  Here she is:

The sight mount gives a "Lower 1/3 Cowitness"

There were a few reports online about the mount being less than solid.  I've only run about 60 rounds through it so far, but it is holding.  The red dot is just what I have come to expect from Primary Arms.   Solid, clear, bright, and user friendly.  I look forward to getting this out to the range and do some real work with it and test it out.  I have high hopes for this combo.

Now, on to the new gun.

I have come to the realization over the last few months that I am a 'gun hipster'.  I like the oddball guns.  Pump action deer rifles?  Yes, please!  Single shots?  The more the merrier! Pistol caliber carbines, and rifle caliber pistols?  Heck, yeah!

So, when Mossberg came out with the MVP- I had to have one.  In case you have not seen this gun before, this is a bolt action rifle that fires 5.56/.223, and feeds from standard AR-15 magazines.  Why, that's just goofy enough to be right in my wheelhouse!

So I bought one a few weeks back.

This is a really cool design.  Light, handy, fast... and hopefully accurate.  I took it to the range and ran a few mags through it, but mostly it was a function test.  I don't have an optic for it- yet.  I have something special on backorder for it, but for now it's just running the excellent Williams foresight front and adjustable rear
No photo adjustments on this one.  The front sight is really that bright
The magazine release is oddly placed, yet very usable

It wears a birdcage flash hider, which will be unscrewed when I get my next suppressor
The rifle fed well from PMAGS, GI Aluminum, and pretty much everything... except the factory 10 round mag.  That one worked great with brass, but hung up on steel case.  
Oh, it also has one of the trigger-dingies that seem to be all the rage.  It's an adjustable "LBA" trigger.  It came out of the box pretty good, so I did not mess with it... yet
Factory 10 round magazine

What makes the MVP work is a bolt with a special little drop down jaw at the bottom that will reach into the mag, scoop up a round, and fold back into the bolt as it chambers the round.  Pretty slick, and works pretty well.  The bolt requires a little slop into it to be able to feed from a wide range of mags.  That makes it a little slow and 'bindy' when running it hard.  I'm hoping that gets smoother as it slicks up with wear.  Here is the jaw 'thingie' on the bolt face:
After taking a look at that, I could not resist the following:
Expect a full range report once the optic comes in!

Getting Ready for ST. Patrick's

NOOOOOO!!!  What did that Bushmills ever do to you?!?!


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Shopping list

That Kid (5 years old) made me a shopping list. First thing- bacon

Raising that boy right!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Uh oh... Something New

More info coming...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Suppressed Hunter (and Primary Arms scope)

Seems like I am only apologizing for the neglect of this blog these days.

But no more!  I finally had a few minutes to whip out the camera and take some pics of my suppressed hunting rig.  This started out life as a used NEF Buffalo Classic in the discontinued .45Colt chambering that That Wife  bought me for my birthday about 5 years ago.  The previous owner had goofed up the sights (cut the front dovetail crooked),  and had scratched and dinged it a little.   I was never really happy with it, since the sight height would not work with the peep sight I wanted to put on there, then when I installed a fiber-optic front sight or the right height, I was looking at it crooked.

I got frustrated, and put an old scope I had laying around.  I never shot it much after that.

Then… Texas changed it's hunting laws and allowed suppressors for white-tail deer.  I thought about buying a new can, but the 9 month to a YEAR waiting period that is the new normal put a kibosh on that.  So I started thinking of ways to use my existing .45ACP can to hunt.  I thought about buying a .44Mag lever action, threading it, and using .44Specials… then I thought of threading my .357 Marlin or Rossi Ranch Hand… YHM said the suppressor would work with .357, but would not be really quiet.   Then I thought of a .45Colt lever gun, and it struck me- use the NEF!

I had my new 'smith thread it, mounted up the can, and sighted it in.  I had all sorts of fun shooting it till the first day of hunting season, and the ancient Wetherby scope took a dump.  Just up and died on me- started hitting a foot low, and would not adjust.

So, for Christmas, I got a new Primary Arms 1-4x24 illuminated dot rifle scope that immediately went on top.  It works real well on this rig and matches up well for being an anachronism.

I have not been able to take a deer or hog with it yet, just because by the time I got the rig ready to go, hunting season was pretty much over.  But I am ready for next year!

If you can find the non-sequitor in the photos, leave a comment!
No, it's not the two types of ammo
You can see the suppressor when the scope is at 1x power

The Primary Arms scope exceeded all of my expectations for a $120 scope.  Bright, crisp, clear, and sighted it very quick and easy.  The illuminated dot is perfect for close range hunting.  I am actually happier with this scope than I am the Burris Timberline on my CZ-527 Carbine.  It loses in a low-light comparison with my Leupolds, but that is the only ding I have against the scope.

Friday, February 7, 2014

In Lieu of Content

"Love at First Scan"

H/T to Say Uncle

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Did I ever mention I have bad luck?

Yes I have:
Broken In Box
P-07 Pt. 2
Bulldog Pt. 2
How many guns have YOU broken?

So, I built a fun gun- the ARP.  It ran great for several hundred rounds, then just goes singleshot on me.  After a lot of trouble shooting, I tracked the issue down to the Bolt Carrier Group. So, I call Spike's Tactical, and John (great customer service BTW.  I have worked most of my life in CS related roles, and Hohn at Spikes gets two thumbs up from me) there walked me through some troubleshooting.  It appears that somehow I got the only Spikes Tactical BCG in the world that the gas key has ever come loose.  As I mentioned- bad luck.

So, John sends me an RMA label to ship the BCG home.  I checked the tracking this morning and guess what?

Weather?  AGAIN?!?

I know I have been quiet for.... a long damn time.  I owe y'all some updates.   I had a very Gunny and Foodie Christmas, and I have new optics, a Sous Vide setup, and some other stuff I want to review.  But time constraints are killing me.  I promise to get some stuff up soon.