Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maybe Biden was right!

Last week, that asshat Biden opened his mouth and said that an AR-15 was too hard to operate, and we should get a shotgun.

Now we are getting news reports that Biden might have something going on.  Confused?  Here, let me explain:

Oregon man accidentally killed by AR-15 he had just stolen
Thief Shot and Killed With AR-15 After Burglarizing Oregon Home

A man was killed when an AR-15 rifle he had just stolen from a Polk County farm discharged Sunday morning, police said....Investigators learned that the truck had been stolen from a home on Independence Highway earlier that morning, along with a rifle, a shotgun and several other items.

OK, So we have a douchebag that steals a truck, an AR-15, and a shotgun.  
"The evidence showed that while Hernandez Mendoza was driving away from the scene he was the victim of an accidental, self-inflicted gun shot wound from the rifle he had just taken," Williams said.
 Whoa.... Accidental, self inflicted GSW... from a RIFLE?  How the hell does that happen?

Williams added that the AR-15 rifle and the shotgun were both angled with their butts on the floorboard and their barrels pointed upward, toward the driver's seat. On the bumpy farm road, the bolt head of the shotgun apparently bumped against the rifle's trigger, firing one shot that hit the suspect and exited through the roof
See?!?  The AR was too hard to use.  Get a shotgun... because the SHOTGUN knows how to shoot the AR!

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